Indoor Workouts To Do This Winter To Stay Fit

Winter is a season packed with many things like snow, celebrations and laziness. People don’t like to go out and stay in their comfy and warm blankets at all times. Your daily routine gets disturbed, from work life to life at home and affects your fitness routine too. As the roads are packed with snow, it is very difficult to reach gym and focus on your fitness.

Not paying attention to fitness during winter can disturb your overall performance. It is a great time to gain mass as the weather is cold and you don’t sweat at all. It can either be helpful for you if you want to gain mass or can ruin your hard work of losing fats from your body. If fitness is an issue for you, we have few inside workouts that require suspension trainers that you can do this winter to stay fit.

Bicep Curl

Before starting the workout, you should know where to place your suspension trainers, it can be placed above your door and after doing that you can start with your workout. The first exercise to do at home using suspension trainer is bicep curls. Keep the strap length about your waist height. After doing that you have to determine your position, which matters a lot to have an impactful workout. Face the anchor point in this case it should be your door and hold the straps in your palms that should be facing upwards. While doing that lean backwards till your arms straighten up and the straps are stretched about a 45 degree angle to the floor. After adjusting your position, you can start with the workout. Flex your biceps and bend your arms at the elbow when you bring your palm closer to your shoulder. Pause a little and then slowly attain the starting position again. Do at least 12 reps of the exercise with great intensity to have maximum result.

Triceps Press

The next exercise you have to follow is triceps press. Before starting every workout with a suspension trainer, you have to keep in mind some necessary things that are to be done like adjusting strap’s length and maintaining your position. For triceps press you don’t need to change the length of the strap. However, change in position is required. This time face away from the anchor, which is your door in this case. Hold the straps in your palm facing downwards that is towards the floor. Keep your arms straight, parallel to the floor while adjust your feet near the door. After positioning yourself for the workout, start with slowly bending your elbows while lowering your body at the same time towards the ground. Slowly return back to your position and make sure to do at least 12 reps to avail better results.

Chest Press

Chest Press
Chest Press

With the help of suspension trainers, you can tone your body at home. The next workout you should do is chest press. Again first thing to adjust is the length of the strap, which should be kept same for chest press, followed by the starting position.  Grab the straps with knuckles while facing away from the anchor and your body leaning towards ground. Once adjusting the position, start your workout by setting into pushup position and moving your hands out to the sides with elbows bending into 90 degrees from the shoulders. Repeat the action and do 12 reps to achieve your target.

Crusty Lunge

Lunges are great exercise for your lower body. The workout helps tone your things and butts while making them stronger. Doing lunges with suspension trainer is fun and so the next exercise in the list is crusty lunge. You have to adjust the length of the strap for the workout, adjust it on the mid of your thigh. After managing the length, get the required posture. Face the anchor and hold the straps in your palms facing each other. Place your elbow next to ribs and maintain a distance from the anchor that the straps stretch. Raise your right leg with a slight bend in the knee. The workout begins with dipping your left leg while moving your right knee behind your left ankle. Slowly return back to the position and continue to do the same till you reach 12 reps. maintain the required body posture while working out to have better result.

Do these workouts at home this winter when you are trapped inside because of heavy snowfall. These exercises can be performed without expert’s supervision. These are basic workouts, it is obvious that you need to do more things to stay fit, but these are the best options when you are at home.